How to Break in a New Goalie Glove

You just got a new glove and you want to break it in as soon as possible.


What’s the best way?


My favourite method has always been the simplest - use it as much as possible.

Sounds simple, but I’ll explain.

You should make sure that you don’t use it in a game until it’s absolutely ready.



I made that mistake years ago with a new mask. I wore it in a game the day I got it, and I had so much trouble adjusting that I had to switch back to my old mask in the first period.

When you take the glove home from the store or it arrives at your house, put it on.

Wear it when you watch TV. Open and close it, over and over. This method is great because the inside of the glove will adjust to your hand.

Then you want to work the pocket. Throw pucks into it as you’re opening and closing the glove.

When you can’t wear the glove, stuff a bunch of pucks into the pocket, and then close the glove a skate lace.

If you want to see what this looks like, here’s a Youtube video I posted about how to break in a new glove. 

Goalie Strength Youtube

It’s hard to say how long this method will take. Gloves are made much more game-ready these days, so you may only need a week to get a glove feeling good. Depends if you use it in practice and how often.

I would guess a few practices and some time at home using the above method will have you feeling ready to use the glove in a game. This is unique to each goalie of course. Better to wait and keep using your old glove until you are 100% confident.

What about the other methods that I didn’t mention?

I’ve seen recommendations for skate ovens, pouring water into the glove, cooking ovens, and saunas.

Honestly, I’m sure they all work. They’re probably much quicker than throwing pucks into the pocket and opening and closing the glove over and over. But I prefer this method because water makes a mess, actually wearing the glove molds it to the shape of your hand, it’s specific to how we actually plan to use it on the ice, and I just don’t want to put my brand new glove in the oven. 

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