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Goalie Strength

Goalie Leg Program

Goalie Leg Program

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Ready to feel like a new goalie? You will notice a difference in the first week.

I learned these exercises from the best trainers in the world and carefully chose each one that's in the program for their ability to improve your goaltending. These exercises completely transformed my leg strength, mobility, and athleticism and I know they will do the same for you.

Easy to follow.

No equipment required.

Two-day training schedule, which you can repeat for as many days as you like.

For beginners and advanced, young and old.

What is the Program? This is a digital-only training guide. When you make the purchase, you will instantly get a PDF file with every exercise linked to a private Youtube video demonstrating the exercise and explaining how to do it for maximum benefit. 

How Does it Work? This is a two-day program. Day 1 is Mobility. Day 2 is Strength. No weights required. You can structure it many different ways, but my recommendations for how to use it most effectively are inside the program. All the recommended sets and reps for each exercise are given. For example, on Day 1 you do the first mobility exercise for 2 sets of 8 reps, before moving on to the next exercise. I explain everything inside. 

Who is This Program For? Anyone can use it. Young goalies, adult goalies, anyone at any age. It's even helpful if you're not a goalie, so if you're a forward, defense, or any other athlete this will absolutely help you as well. Some of the exercises can be challenging, but you can start with easier progressions and work up to the harder variations with practice. That's exactly how I did it and it will work for you too.

Why Should I Buy this Program? If you want to become more athletic, feel stronger, reduce aches and pains, improve your mobility in effective ways that you've never tried before, and just generally upgrade your physical abilities, this program is for you. Personal story here - I was someone who didn't want to pay money for programs for a long time. I knew what I was doing with training, I was able to train on my own, and I liked to consume free information. The first time I actually purchased a program changed my entire mindset. There is something about making a commitment when you buy something that keeps you more consistent and makes you work harder. It is also organized completely for you - no guessing, no work required on your part to design the exercises and the programming. You just show up and work, and the results come.

No refunds available. Because this is a digital copy, returns are not possible. If the program isn't what you expected, please message me on Instagram. I will do my best to help you.

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