10 Things Goalies Should Do Every Day

  1. Go for a walk. So many health benefits, both physical and mental. Don’t underestimate walking for recovery and cardio.
  2. Wake up for the sunrise, and go outside. Do your walk at that time. This has so many benefits for your circadian rhythm, and therefore your hormones, mental health, everything. So important. 
  3. Mobility circuits. Keep your hips feeling loose and supple with regular work.
  4. Read. Train your mind and the body will follow. Always challenge yourself, and explore new horizons. It will help you see things that others don’t.
  5. Watch hockey. When you watch enough, you start to know what players will do in certain situations. This will greatly improve your anticipation skills when you’re on the ice.
  6. Watch Youtube. You can learn so much on Youtube from goalie coaches, for free! Watch a drill or technique and then try it out in practice that night.
  7. Make your bed. The discipline of making your bed every day no matter what will transfer over into discipline in the rest of your life. Discipline will take you far in hockey.
  8. Affirmations and visualization. The way you talk to yourself influences your thoughts way more than you’d think. Don’t tell yourself you can’t do something. Talk to yourself like a champion and you’ll have no choice but to believe it.
  9. Catch. Bouncing a ball off the wall and catching it, or playing catch with a baseball will give you a glove hand like nothing else. Good glove hands on the ice stand out.
  10. Cook. Being able to make your own healthy meals will give you an edge on the competition that relies on Uber Eats and take-out. Fuel your body right and it will take care of you.
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